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So, for a while now Don Bradford aka Lucid Grey… and Zac Soden have been working on turning the Fiddler mech into a model kit.
Well it`s finally been completed.
Looks badass to me.  I am proud to have contributed to this endeavor of mechology.

If you`d like to check it out, it can be purchased here.…

Oh yeah and sorry i`ve been incommunicado for the past forever.  Been real busy with work stuffs. :P
Short dev interview plus some early WIP concept images of the atlas here

Enjoy :)…
Just thought i'd share this…

Last year i had done some concept work for spinmaster games for the sci fi stratego update in terms of doing the art for the pieces.  It was pretty damn cool when about a year later i finally got to play it.  But i had no clue the units i concepted would end up being animated too!  WOOHOO!
Just letting anyone know, barring any catastrophe, i'll be going to Gencon Indy this August 4-7, i'll be periodically hanging out in the Catalyst Game Labs booth signing books over the course of the 4 days and selling prints.  If you're going, feel free to stop by and shoot the breeze and talk mechs or whatever.  If i'm not at the table, i'll probably be roaming around in my STALKER getup.

Additionally, TRO Prototypes was recently released,… featuring a cover and some aerospace and dropship designs by your's truly.  However the major credit should go to David White and Stephen Huda, Anthony Scroggins, and Mr. Plog, those guys' kickass designs really carry the book.

I'll be posting some of the art i did for that book in the near future.
To any fellow mechwarri-bros
Gonna shamelessly plug for my friends at MWLL

Mechwarrior Living legends mod v.5.0 just recently released.

And yes, George Ledoux, aka Duncan Fisher, the Solaris VII commentator from mechwarrior 4 mercs reprises his role in MWLL.  (Thanks George, you rock!)
You guys might find me on the battlefields.  I'm often driving the bushwacker B variant.

Happy hunting.

official changelog:

Version 0.5.0

New Features

- new game mode : Solaris Arena
- new game mode : Last Man Standing
- SA/LMS custom scoring & awards system
- Crysis Wars HUD system implemented
- map auto-downloader system enabled with custom z-lib extractor library
- new award indicators on HUD for award types
- chainfire now supported for all weapon groups individually
- Cbill rewards will now be shown below the cbill display with a icon indicating the reason for the reward
- New League Mode cvar sv_leaguemode_ams to disable AMS turrets
- Console command to dump the MWLL asset and weapon prices ( dumpMwllPrices )
- TC maps can be used for TSA and TOS for scrims
- add cvar hud_spec_minimumMode, hiding the "Spectating" message and
  camera lense flash effect in spectator modes for a cleaner image when set to 1
- add 3 new actionsmaps for spectator z-axis movement, specmoveup (bound to 'r'), specmovedown (bound to 'f'),
- specmovez (bound to joystick_z) without current Actionmapper support

New Content

- new variants for Mechs and vehicles
- new Map : TC_Sandblasted
- new Map : SA_Glory
- new Map : SA_HelsGate
- new Map : SA_Jungle
- Duncan Fisher Solaris Arena Announcer audio
- single bay 'Mech hangar prefab
- SA stadium model & crowd texture
- SA camtower model
- SA promotional posters
- SA clan recruitment posters
- replaced multiple particle effects (better visual and performance)


- lowered per-missile damage for ATMs
- Pulse Lasers now have different ranges based on Clan/IS version
- increased Clan Pulse Laser C-Bill costs, reduced cost of IS version
- AC10/UAC10 now have faster projectile speed
- AC10/UAC10 primary and secondary damage improved
- lowered tonnage for Clan Medium and Large Heavy Lasers
- LBX2/5 (for both Clan and IS) now refire faster and have DPS more inline with series set forth by LBX10/20
- new Uziel "D" and "E" variants
- corrected Sparrowhawk variants
- laser weapons now make audible impact sounds
- screen shake from SRM/SSRM/ATM reduced
- aerospace must land to rearm by default (can be overriden by League Mode cvar)
- aerospace rearm at APCs is disabled (can be overriden by League Mode cvar)
- hitboxes improved for all ground vehicles
- hitboxes improved for Mk2, Madcat
- BA TAG range increased to 550m
- Removed UAC "double jeopardy" cooldown penalty
- Sparrowhawk flight parameters adjusted so it's not as "clunky", but still more manouverable then the Sulla


- heavily optimised TC_DeathValley map to reduce drawcalls and texture memory usage
- bulletimpacts system corrected
- class based sound channel calling system for vehicles
- various Oneshot and MaxChannels issues resolved with sound palette
- tracked vehicle handling improved globally, less slip on inclined surfaces

Bug Fixes

- Fixed streak srms getting stuck in mid air
- turret pitch locking for tracked vehicles when going over rapidly varying terrain resolved
- coolant refill bug resolved
- Aecm fixed
- fixed ammo quick buy behaving incorrectly sometimes
- fixed a crash caused by the respawn timer getting loaded and unloaded on every spawn
- Disabled firegroup input while cbill sharing menu is open if there are key conflicts
- Removed UAC "double jeopardy" cooldown penalty
- Fixed partial ammo reload costing price of full ton
- Fixed stuck buy zones from APC
- Fixed not being able to buy additional ammo for Harasser E if ammo was depleted
- Fixed corrupted display of coordinates specifier in the map display for non-english versions of Crysis Wars
- Fixed MRMs 10 and 20 so that they don't have missiles flying off at a stupid angle
- Fixed SSRMs and RACs to not have recoil on non-mechs
- Tweaked PPCs and RACs so that their visual effects should be more accurate to their damaging effects

Other changes

- support for standard Crysis has been removed
- more robust cheat protection system implemented for both client and server
- extraneous start menu options have been removed for greater clarity
- menu CONFIG option now invokes included Actionmapper utility


- new look and feel, icons for key panel, short descriptions for each action when selected
- moved aero/vtol invert actions close to the actions they belong to
- fix provided for bug where you had to click twice on an action to get it to properly update the key selection UI panels
- added code to preserve autoexec.cfg comments and formatting when writing out
- corrected XI fire action to be onPress instead of onRelease in the default actionmaps
- fixed issue where infinite loop of popups would occur when there's only one profile with no actionmaps.xml file present


- more verbose pre-installation instructions provided
- installer support for standard Crysis has been removed

Auto Updater

- Fixed download size terminology (thanks to WhiteZero for reporting)
- Updates for the Auto Updater, Beta Launcher or Crash Reporter now called  'MWLL Tools'
- Fixed a bug that caused updates for the Auto Updater not to be installed before any other MWLL updates
- Detect if Beta Launcher is running fixing various crashes related to this
- When the Auto Updater fails to install a file, it will prompt the user with a Retry-Cancel dialog instead of terminating the update
- A new 'Settings' button was added to the update window, clicking on it will pause the update and show the settings dialog.
- Added options to limit the upload and download speed (thanks to ~SJ~ Darthbob for the idea)
- Settings are now global and persistent across updates
- Fixed a crash when multiple instances of the application was attempted to be started
- A 'Retry' option was added to the error dialog when the Auto Updater has failed to check for updates
- Improved the update selection logics to prefer smaller-scale updates
- Fixed a serious bug in the update download and post-installation logics
- All log files and data files are now stored in My GamesCrysis WarsMWLLLauncher

Beta Launcher  

- Now will automatically exit in most cases when the Auto Updater is beginning to download an update.
- Fixed a bug in the server level rotation generator that caused Test of Strength game mode not to be working properly
- Fixed a crash when multiple instances of the application was attempted to be started

Known Issues

- Thor footsteps do not play
- if a lock-on missile system in a LT/RT is destroyed while the system is acquiring a lock the lock-on tone will play continuously
- repairs are not halted when damage is taken, will be addressed in 0.5.1
- MWLL logo in main menu does not support custom menu skin colour (known issue, will not fix)
So i just saw this…

and I was born in 1984

Get out of my head charles!
Posted some card art work that i was overdue for some postin'
I salute you good sir or madam, i salute you.…

Dunno when it was created, but i only just found it today.  Regardless, this flash animation has my undying love.

(edit, ok, seems that I can only link to it for a limited amount of time, just google up "Atlas hating furries swf")  Someone made a flash animation based off that old pic i had done years ago.
on a bunch of my pics, unfortunately cannot do this for my battletech commissions due to licensing.

Buy a print today, so that maybe i don't starve to death tomorrow on the streets, falling over as a dry dessicated husk still holding a cracked wacom tablet thats covered in mech shaped scratches with a rigor mortis grip, to be later swept into a gutter by the street cleaners, to be gnawed upon by vermin and insects, my bones later falling down the drains to be cracked open for marrow by CHUDs, who having gained sustenance from my nutritionally dense marrow become strong enough to unite the other CHUDs into a force organized enough to wage war on the surface dwellers in some horrible vertical combination of manifest destiny and cannibalism.

you guys wouldn't want that would you?
Decided to finally prune back my gallery of a lot of the old art I've had in there that was stinking up the place.  Stuffed it into my scraps if you still want to see it.
Uploading a bunch of published work that i've done for catalyst this past few years.  Just found out its cool to post it.  Enjoy.
Dunno who actually reads these, but its kinda embarrassing having my last post be over 2 years old.  Anyway...

Yes yes i know i haven't updated in a few..years.  Apologies all around. My bad.  Had a few years of work that has kinda eaten up my free time and a huge pile of artwork that is under the seal of NDA.

Lot of stuff has happened since my last post.

Worked in a game company in chicago for 2 years, left, moved back to Florida, worked at a game company there for about 9 months, left, and am presently going freelance, but kept nightmarishly busy due to biting off more work that i could handle.  All in all no rest for the likes of me.

at some point I'm gonna try to update this gallery and get some new artwork in this damn thing, dunno when.  In the meantime.  Gonna post some cosplay photos.
its been a busy year and i've unfortunately haven't had much time to work on personal stuff that wouldn't be violating NDAs and whatnot should I repost them here.  However here's a new image, and hopefully i'll be able to post some more.
Sorry that i haven't updated this thing in months.  Added a new mech piece i did over the christmas break.
Have begun working at Day 1 studios and its a really great place.  Also chicago is not the frozen north i had previously imagined, but then again winter's pretty far off still.

Working with people who've been responsible for building the games i used to play is an awesome experience.
Looks like my time on the West Coast is over.  I just got a concept artist  job at Day 1 Studios up in Chicago so I'm gonna have to relocate up there soon and be forced to deal with the impossibly cold winds and the ocassional yeti.

Looks like things are gonna get interesting. :D
Back in Hollywood.   Gonna try extra hard to find some work now.  I need those cash monies. California isn't cheap.
have returned to miami for christmas break, working on some new pics for the mod I've been working on. Now if i can get this damn laptop to stop crashing during use of photoshop i just might be able to finish them.
haven't updated in a while, currently attending classes and looking for work.  I have some stuff that I'll post as soon as i clean it up.
Well I traveled across the US of A in my car and have arrived in hollywood california to take some classes at a school called Gnomon.  This is very much an eye opening experience.  I won't be able to do much artwork for a while as I'm still looking for an apartment, and after that will probably be busy with school and work.  However i'll try my best to post any good work up whenever i can.

I must say this, los angeles, its like, words can't describe it.  My mind is trying to make sense of this place and its coming up short.
But I thought now forget it, yo home to bel-air