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battletech akuma at factory by flyingdebris battletech akuma at factory by flyingdebris
its an akuma firing off some missles
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stupuff Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
Bioshock140 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
Wow awesome
Prypiat Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
I am seriously considering the acquisition of one of these puppies.
gufu1992 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now why would anyone defile the successful chassis of Atlas?
Cobra-ss Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2010
S7alker117 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010  Professional Writer
This is too awesome for words!
JoePeasant Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
This one is in the masters and minions book.
Karyudo-DS Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009
That thing looks freakier then any Atlas, that's for sure.
Dark1knight1 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009
cool mech. what is battletech exactly?
grenadeh Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Idk if anyone ever answered you on this question and if you din't find out yourself yet so I'll do it. Battletech developed in the mid 80s originally as a table-top turn based tactical science fiction war game. You controlled whatever forces the GM decided you had enough money/battle points to select over various different scenarios that took place on hex game sheets, usually people built massive custom gameboards complete with terrain and cities and whatnot (just like for Warhammer, even interchangeable with warhammer i believe). The original figures were made of pewter but they changed slightly before BT sold out into cheaper metals, you had to paint and construct many of them your self.
Anyway, the game design borrowed heavily from Robotech for some of the original mechs (Warhammer, Rifleman, Longbow, Marauder, etc etc.) and it got off to a rocky start but it eventually spawned into a wildly popular science fiction series f over 100 novels, a similar number of sourcebooks and rulebooks for the game, the 9 pc and console games, the AeroTech offshoot game, and the awful MechWarrior: Dark Age/Age of Destruction game developed by WizKids and now Catalyst games.
Basically the premise is after the Soviet Union falls, basically around the time we're living right now the nations of Earth unite into a federation of sorts, some scientists (Kearny and Fuchida) develop a technology that becomes applied a century after they die to space travel and communication, and humans begin to explore and settle an area of space known as the Inner Sphere. Eventually it becomes a universe of war and over 1200 years (Between 2000s and 3200) all these wars and crap happen. It's a very interesting series with infinitely more realism, depth, character development, and intricacy than every other 'mecha and science fiction series. Most stuff you'll see on DA is probably classic battletech (The time period up until and including the beginning of the FASA intellectual properties falling into a series of different hands, Microsoft Games, Catalyst GameLabs, WizKids) because they ruined the game almost entirely.
I could have linked you to battletech wiki but I love it too much not to explain it personally.
S7alker117 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011  Professional Writer
Amen to that.

Thats why I still love this universe, and dont pay much attention to other mecha-based universes. Althout being a mecha-based fluff, BTech is still pretty hard sci-fi :)
grenadeh Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ive loosely "tried" to watch mecha animes, they're just dumb. I'm sure i'd find the animated bt series dumb too but at least there's a believable setting. And it's not like the mechs walk around like it "aint no thang" - they are lumbering and clunky, not giant 5 pound ninjas like some series.
S7alker117 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Professional Writer
Most are, no doubts. I've seen two Gundam series and even when the story has something interesting, they manage to just kill anything interesting in the last few episodes. I mean, the endings are always so stupid... :(

Yeah. Beliveability is important in any sci-fi setting. I never bought Macross exactly because of that. Transforming mecha? What if any gear got hit? :/

I think the lumbering mecha of BT and similar universes are much more interesting.
And, honestly, the best BT stories also feature a lot of interesting human drama, and that's what makes them so compelling. :)
grenadeh Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed. It's because it's relatable that it's engrossing. While the mech combat is important and awesome, the majority of the stories always focus around the human element. I won't claim other series don't because I don't watch them but that's my opinion and i'm sticking to it.
S7alker117 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011  Professional Writer
Exactly. Thats why I like to write stories set in the BT universe. I can explore the characters in any way I want to, and that doesnt break the spirit of the Universe in any way, because its about the human experience, in the end, like all good science fiction.

Other series also do that, but, sometimes, they get stuck in some cliches that make breaking away from them remaking the spirit of things, and not feeling like the said universe. In Battletech I dont feel that. As long as characters act and react realistically, you can do almost anything. :)
OrkyTankBusta Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
just reading this, u guys are completely right, those gundam style mechs suck, they suck so much they have to call them mechas just to make them 'sound' cool, i much prefer the more believable mechs, like the ones in the mechcommander gold intro cinematic, they are clunky, act like tanks and there is a definite link between the mechwarrior and the mech, all in all, GUNDAM SUCKS!!!
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0volent190 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010   General Artist
Steel-Raven Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
The Akuma has suddenly become one of my favorite mechs, this is awesome!
starfleet Featured By Owner May 22, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome painting I love this one.
DerekLee688 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008
More Battletech stuff please!
Punakettu Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent job!

The streaks of fire coming from the missiles is very well done. I myself find it hard to draw convincing fire like that. But then again I'm nowhere near as good as you at drawing... :)

I could stare at this work of art for hours. You've managed to put in a great deal of detail without making it look crowded. A great skill to possess.

Novusauctor Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007  Student Writer
ClawOfClanWolf Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2007   Traditional Artist
dang, how long have you been working with photoshop?
Proiteus Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2007  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
NASTY STUFF!! Your design?
Cornuthaum Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2007
It looks positively awesome, and, methinks, captures the motion of urban/industrial area combat very, very well - although I wonder why the ground's flooded while the cars are on fire (rain? big water tank ruptured by a stray shot? the mystery!)
shmolf Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Hadryon Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The AKU-1X Akuma is the Draconis Combine idea of a cheaper version of the Atlas. Knock 10 tons off the Atlas, install MRMs in the shoulder, put on a used ERPPC stripped from a Panther, add Streak SRMs, an LB-10X, and a couple of mediums. Price goes way down, so you can mass produce them in greater numbers than the Atlas, yet they do the same damage, and have nearly the same armor.

Excellent shot of the Akuma!
S7alker117 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011  Professional Writer
That actually makes a lot of sense!

Gosh, I love this universe :)
Canduterio Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2006
Very nice image. Good depiction of the warfare in the Battletech era. What they are, LRMs, or SRMs? :)
Favourite? yes, of course.
deathprince Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2006
how are you creating these?
Mercenary-Artist Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
looks like a lighter cousin to an atlas... great work on the art...
0volent190 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010   General Artist
Your avatar is AWESOME. Poor right arm...:(
TheTrooper Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
all the little details everywere is crazy!:D you rock!
Masakari666 Featured By Owner May 8, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
A bit sketchy, could benefit from more finished art, but cool nonetheless. The Akuma is a Draconis Combine (Kurita) Mech, unrelated to the Banshee.
BrotherOstavia Featured By Owner May 8, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Wow looks like the Banshee. It's the Clan name?
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